Quality Policy

TRAVELCO’s   Integrated Quality Management System (IQMS) covers the transfer of staff with privately-owned or leased vehicles. It responds to the Customers’ and Company’s needs and aspirations as well as the legislative and regulatory requirements of the current Greek and EC legislation.IQMS incorporates the International Standards:

ISO 9001:2015: in response to the demands of modern business reality, aiming at a continual provision of high level services, meeting its customers’ needs and improving its organizational structure and internal communication.

ISO 14001:2015:striving to improve the level of its activities in a way that recognizes its responsibilities and obligations towards the environment and human beings and contributes to sustainable development.

ISO 39001 RTSS:aiming to minimize the chances of causing a road accident as part of its activities, as well as to maximize the safety of its occupants and the road safety of the wider community.

The Main Objective is to offer the company’s customers high-quality and safe transport services, in a context of respect of the environment.

The specific goals of the aforementioned Main Objective are:

  • the continuous increase of the Security, the Level of Quality of its Services and the Environmental Protection
  • minimization of customer complaints, by taking immediate actions to tackle with them whenever they  come up
  • the systematic reduction of road accidents and injuries due to them
  • setting clear, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-defined environmental goals and objectives, and take all necessary action to achieve them.
  • the continual improvement of its environmental performance and take care to prevent pollution of the environment.
  • recognition and full compliance with the Environmental Laws governing each activity carried out by it.
  • Recognition and evaluation of the Environmental Aspects of its activities.
  • Recognition of the Environmental Impacts arising from Environmental Aspects and take the necessary measures to minimize them.
  • Monitoring and measuring significant environmental impacts.
  • Implementation and continual improvement of its Environmental Management System.
  • The communication of data and information on Travelco’s environmental performance to the relevant Interested Parties its partners and the community, if requested.
  • Continuous upgrading of the company’s human potential, through training programs, to educate and sensitize all employees of the company in Environmental Management and Environmental Protectionissues as well as to Road Traffic Safety matters.
  • the study and assessment of  risks related to vehicle movements and the implementationof actions, based on the results of this assessment, in order to minimize risk factors during staff movements.
  • The provision (from the part of the Company’s Management) of all resources required for the implementation of the Quality and the Environmental Management System as well as the Road Traffic Safety System.
  • Continuous improvement of the IQMS with the effective use of the following tools:
    • Define and review quality objectives.
    • Management reviews
    • Internal Inspections
    • Continual Improvement initiatives
    • Systematic analysis of data resulting from the Quality Records.

Travelco’s Management is committed to making available the resources it deems necessary to carry out the above mentioned Main Objective and Specific Goals.

All employees, depending on their responsibilities,are encouraged to contribute to the implementation and improvement of the above set goals and fully comply with IQMS procedures, Road Safety Rules and Environmental Protection.

This Quality Policy has been communicated to all Personnel, all Interested Parties and it is clearly posted in the company’s offices and website.