My big greek dinner night

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Tradition is a must for Greeks, and businesses are usually run by family members from generation to generation. Typical homemade recipes, dances, and celebrations are something they cannot live without. Corfu is well known for locals’ hospitality.  Proud of their heritage, Greeks love to share their joy and traditions with everybody. If we put all these things together, the result is My Big Greek Dinner Night.

Worldwide famous Tripa Tavern was founded in 1947, and nowadays it’s still being run by the founder’s grandchild. Here, your best chance to enjoy a real Greek Night will become true: the tavern is located in a small and picturesque mountain village called Kinopiastes. There, you will be offered a menu made with love and wise hands in the old fashioned kitchen, with the best locally grown ingredients. An old-fashioned atmosphere where old liquor bottles watch dinner guests over the decades, on colorful wooden shelves that cover the old walls, is the stage where a great party will take place: dine, drink, sing and dance on an unforgettable night.

Once the food has been served, the local musicians will start playing traditional songs. Then, an easy dance will begin, and shortly the atmosphere will become fun and joy: the dancers will amaze the guests with pirouettes and somersaults, and soon they will invite the guests to join them and dance altogether to the most famous rhythms of the Mediterranean.

Feel free like Zorba the Greek and join us on My Big Greek Dinner Night!

“While experiencing happiness, we have difficulty in being conscious of it. Only when the happiness is past and we look back on it do we suddenly realize—sometimes with astonishment—how happy we had been.”
― Nikos Kazantzakis, Zorba the Greek


  • Menu:
    • Starters: fresh bread, Feta cheese, Greek salad, local salami, tzatziki (yogurt dip), local sausages, fried potatoes
    • Main dishes: Pastitsado -a local dish with pasta and beef/rooster in red spicy sauce; grilled lamb and chicken with potatoes in the ovenSeasonal fruits, Greek yogurt with honey
    • Unlimited local red and white wine, and water
    • Customers with dietary requirements (celiac, vegan, vegetarian) are welcome, we will offer them an alternative menu, under request upon booking.
  • Transfer from/to your accommodation in Central Corfu. Guests staying in other areas please contact us.


  • Personal expenses
  • Gratuities
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